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A 6-month online wellness program
for the woman who wants a truly healthy body, mind, & soul




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My story

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Who is this program for?


The woman searching for inner peace


Mindfulness exercises guide each module,
so that your transformation starts
from the inside building that self loving relationship.

The woman craving health & balance


Real food knowledge and well balanced, simple recipes
build a solid foundation for health, while still allowing
those sweet treats!

The woman longing for body confidence


Intuitive movement practices incorporate
stretch and strength, for a toned
& strong body.

The woman seeking a supportive community


Genuine connections with like-minded women build support on your journey to becoming
your best self.


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What do you get?

  • Lifetime access to the BL Community Dashboard which houses all your nutrition, movement, & mindfulness tools

  • 6 digital classes that incorporate nutritional, motional, and mindful components for ultimate wellness

  • Access to pro insight from 3 health and wellness experts

  • Support inside an invitation-only online community to share struggles and successes

  • 3 group coaching calls via Zoom with Lauren inside the community

  • Challenging yoga classes & workouts from the comfort of your own home

  • Recipes and grocery lists that will transform the way you eat and simplify your weekly meals

  • Journal prompts & meditations that will help you slow down & reframe your mind

  • A lifestyle & body transformation that will give you the confidence you've always longed for

  • First ticket access to The Community Brunch held twice per year in historic Portsmouth, NH


How does it work?

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In this 6 month program we lay the ground work for your healthy lifestyle with what we like to call the domino effect. A philosophy that is founded on consistency! We give you two months time to focus deeply on one of the three pillars before moving on to the next! The goal is for this to allow real massive sustainable change rather than overloading you with all the material up front causing paralyzing overwhelm. THIS is what it will look like!


Months 1 & 2

Focused on real food and giving you the tools to help build the simple foundation for nourishing your body

Months 3 & 4

Focused on daily movement and implementing effective workouts that work for you & your lifestyle

Months 5 & 6

Focused on diving deep into mindfulness & mindset to change thought processes and find your inner bliss

What comes next?


When you enroll in this 6 month wellness journey, you can expect:

Instant access to your BL Community dashboard

Within minutes, you'll receive your link and login information in an email. Log in to see your welcome message & where to begin!

Access to your first module on September 23rd

Look forward each month to at home yoga strength videos, recipe PDF downloads, journal prompts, and live group coaching calls with Lauren to hold you accountable!

6 months of fresh exercises, recipes, meditations, & more

Stay inspired and motivated with a steady stream of new tools, community engagement, and insight rolled out each month.


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+ 2 One-on-One Coaching Sessions with Lauren


*this option also includes a FREE 7 day BL movement guide*


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